21st Annual Seismic Symposium



2/5/2015: DESCO’s Gary Kowalski, Errin Bryner, Justin Rowland, and Trevor Seekamp attended the 21st Annual 3D Seismic Symposium in Denver Colorado. The four represented DESCO as exhibitors with a full booth at the all-day event. Hosted in conjunction with The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, the symposium features twelve talks, exhibitor booths and networking. The event provides case histories for geophysicists, geologists, landmen and engineers who seek to stay informed of new 3D technology as applied to petroleum exploration and development. The conference was followed by the exhilarating hockey game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings.

“It was nice to put faces to the names of individuals I have only met through emails, as well as establish new connections with other members of the industry at such a lively event.” – Trevor Seekamp.

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