Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources

Americans value our shared cultural heritage. As a result, Cultural Resource Management Services have become an integral part of the regulatory permitting process. DESCO archaeologists are qualified under the Secretary of the Interior’s standards and guidelines. This qualification allows them to provide our clients with the services and expertise needed to comply with federal, state and local regulations.

Cultural Resource Management, also known as Cultural Heritage Management, is the management of places of archaeological, architectural, and historical significance in compliance with environmental and historic preservation laws.

Some of the most important laws governing the cultural resources regulatory process are:


DESCO offers the following services to assist our clients with their cultural resources management needs:

  • NHPA Section 106 reviews
  • Archaeological surveys, assessments and documentation
  • Initiation of permit review and identification of consulting agencies
  • Identification of potential project impacts and their significance
  • Assessment of adverse effects
  • Resolution of adverse effects through consultation with resource management agencies
  • Artifact analysis and curatorial preparation
  • Applied anthropology, including tribal consultation
  • Identification for the purpose of avoidance

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