Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

For more than 15 years, DESCO has worked closely with clients to help them achieve and maintain regulatory compliance for their project activities. Our experience aligning agency requirements with clients’ objectives allows us to develop project-specific action plans that fulfill the needs of all stakeholders. DESCO's field experience, relationships with agency representatives, knowledge of agency regulations, and solution-focused planning processes allow us to keep our clients informed of what's needed to maintain regulatory compliance and preserve project momentum.

DESCO manages all aspects of regulatory compliance, from agency coordination to construction and compliance monitoring. Our project managers work closely with clients to develop detailed plans of operation and identify project-specific requirements. Once a plan of operations is approved by the relevant agencies, DESCO’s expert personnel are able to monitor field operations and ensure compliance with permit stipulations.

Compliance Monitoring

DESCO’s biologists, ecologists and archaeologists have extensive experience managing large-scale field operations. We understand the impacts associated with many types of equipment in a variety of habitats, so we can take a proactive approach to assisting field crews in minimizing adverse effects. We help ensure that crews remain in compliance with agency requirements by monitoring activities and identifying least-impact methodologies in the field. If an operational plan needs to be changed mid-project, DESCO coordinates agency approval and helps crews adapt to these changes quickly, while ensuring continued compliance with permit stipulations.

We work with our clients to accomplish objectives in the most cost-effective, efficient, and minimally invasive manner possible while maintaining compliance with agency regulations, allowing our clients to focus on other aspects of project success.

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