DESCO Volunteers for Galveston Bay Foundation Booth at 2015 Houston Boat Show


1/3 - 1/4/15 and 1/10 - 1/11/2015: Gary Kowalski, Arthur Perkins, Jackie Gilliam, and Errin Bryner educated boaters and boat enthusiasts about GBF’s initiatives and even signed up a few new members. We talked to the public about safe seafood consumption and handed out maps of areas with high levels of toxins. New members were attracted to a remote control boat that GBF plans to give away in a raffle. Boaters were especially interested in the Galveston Bay Action Network (G-BAN) cards to report pollution or other forms of environmental hazard in the Galveston Bay area. "Informing boaters about different ways to help clean up the bay either through the pumping stations or reporting violations gave me hope that they would now be more aware out on the water.” Jackie Gilliam


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