DESCO Volunteers with Galveston Bay Foundation for the Sea Center Texas Family Festival


2/28/15: Errin Bryner and Paige Hampton attended the Sea Center Texas Family Festival and helped Galveston Bay Foundation raise awareness and promote oyster restoration. We talked to the public about the ongoing efforts to restore oyster reef habitats which were severely impacted by Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Errin and Paige encouraged children of all ages to sign or draw a picture on an oyster shell as part of an oyster restoration project. At the end of the day, we had hundreds of beautiful shells with the children’s art decorating them, which GBF will use to replenish the oyster population. GBF also provided a tub of various shells and fossils, each with a number that corresponded with an information packet. The adults had a great time guessing the names of each shell. “It was very fun experience and I enjoyed being around hundreds of other individuals, like DESCO, who have a shared concern for the threatened and endangered species in The Bay, and a commitment to promoting conservation.” -Paige Hampton

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